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We have been awarded Volunteer Friendly accreditation by Volunteer Scotland.

01 Feb 2023

We have been awarded Volunteer Friendly accreditation by Volunteer Scotland. Cover image

The Volunteer Friendly Award is a quality standard to support, recognise and reward organisations who are good at involving volunteers.

We're so pleased to have received this recognition of our commitment to good volunteering practice, and we’re especially proud of our Volunteer Coordinator & our amazing team of volunteers who have worked together to ensure everything about SWAN's volunteer experience is designed for and by autistic women.

There are 5 strands to the award, each involving the submission of a portfolio of evidence including policies and procedures and information on systems, support and activities, as well as volunteer feedback.

SWAN rated highly across all 5 strands, with the assessors saying:

“The submission for the Volunteer Friendly Award from SWAN is of an exceptionally high standard. It is evident that SWAN has put a lot of work and effort into the submission, reflecting its great commitment to best practice in involving volunteers.

The Volunteer Handbook, training and support that SWAN provides are brilliant, ensuring volunteers receive a positive introduction and welcome to SWAN. There is also a strong commitment to inclusion at SWAN. The examples provided of how SWAN thanks volunteers and celebrates volunteering, e.g.: during national Volunteers Week, further highlight the crucial contribution volunteers make and how SWAN values and recognises this.”

A very impressive, fantastic submission for the Volunteer Friendly Award. I commend the outstanding volunteering at SWAN and the dedication of SWAN volunteers that is so well outlined in the Volunteer Friendly Award submission.

I wish SWAN continued best wishes in the important work and volunteering that they do and congratulate everyone at SWAN on the great achievement of the Volunteer Friendly Award.”

Mandy Williams, SWAN Volunteer Coordinator, commented: "SWAN is so happy to receive the Volunteer Friendly Award. We have a brilliant volunteer team and are proud to share this award with all our volunteers who are an integral part of SWAN".