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Specialist, autistic-led training and consultancy to increase your understanding of autism and support you to develop autism-inclusive practices.

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All SWAN training is designed and delivered by autistic professionals and informed by over 10 years experience of working with autistic women and girls across Scotland.

We offer a range of training, information sessions and consultancy to suit your organisation’s needs.

We aim to inform, help challenge myths and misunderstandings and improve service provision to make it more inclusive and accessible for autistic women and girls.

SWAN training will leave you with:

  • A better understanding of the experiences of autistic women and girls
  • More confidence in supporting and being an ally to autistic women and girls
  • Knowledge about creating more inclusive environments for autistic women and girls

April Training Events

In April we're lookimg at topic here...

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What does the training cover?

All SWAN training starts with an introduction to autism and autism inclusion, with a focus on the lived experiences of autistic women and girls.

We also deliver specialist sessions focused on understanding and inclusion in specific contexts.Topics we have cover regularly include:

Autism and  Mental Health, Inclusive Workplaces,  Autistic Girls at School,  Autism and Eating Disorders, Pregnancy & Parenting, Inclusive Universities, Inclusive Healthcare Settings and Autism-Inclusive Support Work. 

Our training, presentations and consultancy work can be tailored to suit the needs of your organisation - our clients tell us this is one of the key benefits of working with SWAN, alongside our lived-experience trainers.

How long does a training session last?

This is a broad and complex topic, so we recommend a 2-3 hour session to cover everything in enough detail to be of value. Shorter sessions can be accommodated but there will be less time for valuable discussions and exploration.

Training sessions can be standalone or run over more than one session depending on your needs - this could include an introductory session, followed by a specialist session tailored to your service, or a follow-up to build on identification and implementation of inclusive practices and environments.

How is the training delivered?


We predominantly use Zoom but can accommodate other platforms, and we prefer all participants to join from individual devices where possible. We build in breaks, offer Closed Captions and text chat and will work with you to ensure our training is accessible to your needs. We always encourage questions and discussion.

In Person

We are delivering most of our training online at the moment as it is inclusive for our autistic trainers and means we can reach any geographic area, but we can offer in-person training depending on location.

How much does it cost?

We charge on a sliding scale depending on the size of your organisation - please contact us to discuss. 

Increasing understanding and inclusion of autistic women and girls is very important to us so we will always do our best to accommodate the budgets of small organisations. 

The cost of your training provides employment for autistic trainers and supports SWAN’s work with autistic women and girls.

How can I book?

CONTACT US for more information or to discuss your training needs:

In 2022, we delivered training and presentations to over 100 different organisations and over 2600 individuals across NHS and Council health and social care services, primary, secondary and further education, private sector employers and third sector services.

This training needs to be rolled out nationally. The expertise of the team is vast

– Children 1st

Most educational and enlightening thing I have been to all year - cannot tell you how helpful it was

– Conference Workshop Attendee

It's brilliant to have authentic training from an autistic person, all the examples make it much more real and accessible.

– CAMHS Clinician

So much to take away and think about. Having this information will make a difference to the way we work.

– NHS Forth Valley Mental Health Nurse

So much more positive and strengths based. It made autism real and day to day. Coming from an autistic person made it invaluable and authentic.

– School Teacher

I really wish I had heard your workshop so much earlier in my career. It would have helped a great many people I have worked with, so insightful.

– NHS Consultant